Why do you need an App in 2016?

Why do you need an App in 2016?

By the second quarter of 2016, it is estimated that there will be 43.2 million mobile App users in the UK.  Mobile Apps are therefore something that we cannot ignore.


Why Apps over Desktop Web?

Users have already switched from desktop to mobile:

  • In 2014, mobile media use was greater than on desktop for the first time[1]
  • In 2015, mobile media time (51%) was significantly higher than desktop media time (42%)[2]
  • Time spent on Apps is still increasing (21% in the last year)[3], as is App revenue (from £24 billion in 2014 to £56 billion in 2017 worldwide)[4]


Why Apps over Mobile Web?

Users are switching from browsers to Apps, which provide a rich and convenient experience:

  • 89% of mobile media time is spent on Apps, as opposed to only 11% on browsers; users find Apps quicker and more convenient[5]
  • Apps do not always require an internet connection to be used, as they store data locally on the device
  • They can also take advantage of the native features of the phone, such as the camera, messaging and GPS


Customer engagement and loyalty

Apps offer an enhanced and engaging user experience with new services and tools:

  • Apps create a direct marketing channel to your customers, with features such as push notifications allowing you to engage with them 24/7, in real time and even by location. There is also no limit on how frequently this can be done or any costs associated with doing it
  • All the information you might like to provide to your customers – including special promotions – is on hand to them at all times
  • Likewise, they give customers a highly convenient way to contact you through messaging services or helpdesk features

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Brand visibility

The average person spends more than two hours per day on their mobile device:

  • Even when the App is not being used, the logo is constantly visible on the device screen, reinforcing your brand further
  • The more frequently users are exposed to and engage with the App, the more likely they are to be influenced to buy into your services (known as the “effective frequency”)



Staying ahead of your competition is key in any marketplace:

  • For smaller businesses, Apps are still fairly uncommon. This gives you the opportunity to take a leap on your competitors and be seen as a forward-thinking company
  • Whilst larger brands will most likely have an App already, it is still important not to get left behind. Users are considerably more likely to open up your competitors conveniently installed App than open a browser and search for your website


Increased revenue

By having an App for your business, the opportunity for increasing revenue are twofold:

  • In-App purchases, which can be made without the need for cash, PayPal or even credit cards, in some cases. For example, tickets to a performance could be purchased through the App and then scanned at the venue directly from the phone, without the need to print them out
  • Native advertising within the App is predicted to account for 72% of all digital ad spending by 2019 [6]
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