John Good Limited started life in the 1980’s as a small company selling advertising in theatres. Named after its founder, the company quickly grew, taking on design and editorial work and buying print services from local printers.


Holbrooks, a Coventry-based printer, was one such company. With clients such as the English National Ballet, Holbrooks specialised in providing print services to theatres and arts companies. There was a natural synergy between the two companies so, when Holbrooks was put up for sale in 1989, it was logical for it to be acquired by John Good.

The company became John Good Holbrook offering design, editorial, advertising and printing. In 2005 the name was changed to John Good Limited.


John Good bought Cantate (pronounced Cantaté) in 2006. Cantate itself was an amalgamation of a group of smaller London-based printers. The largest of these was Battley Brothers which began in 1897 and specialised in printing programmes for London’s theatres. Cantate has since been rebranded Cantate Communications.

Quality Control

Today, John Good Limited seeks to be a creative publishing company, and is unique in its provision to the arts of a large number of services: printing, design, advertising sales, editorial, picture research, account management and fulfilment.

All this provides us a rich history and tradition of more than 120 years on which to base our future endeavours.