Theatre Programme Advertising: Read All About It!

Would you like to be associated with our clients such as the BBC Proms, the Royal Shakespeare Company or the West End? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We are John Good’s Advertising Sales Department, matching client campaigns to directly target an ideal, affluent demographic. Clients utilise our well-renowned publications as a strong means to promote their businesses. Reaching out to families, parents, corporates and ABC1 demographics - we provide a high-end promotional print platform to a wide range of established businesses.

What makes advertising in John Good’s programmes different?

  • 80% ABC1 demographic, with higher disposable incomes and an average spend of £195 per theatre trip. We see a range of families, couples, groups of friends and corporate people who are active, cultured and affluent members of society.
  • A prestigious form of advertising in a sophisticated, highbrow publication - advertisers receive positive association within the theatre programme platform and a perceived endorsement.
  • Limited advertising pages with 3 cover positions (prime positions) meaning your advert is not diluted or lost among a sea of other advertisers.
  • Theatre programmes act as a memento and are kept as souvenirs! This means theatre programmes have a longevity which other publications or digital media platforms do not – 1 out of 3 people purchase whilst a further 5 people will read said programme. This provides a wide capture even beyond the theatre audience.
  • People travel from a 30-40+ mile radius to visit the theatre meaning a wide capture of people from the local and surrounding areas.
  • Flexible payment terms which spread the cost of your booking with us.

Once you’re booked in, we have a dedicated in-house Copy Team who can help you keep track of your campaigns and schedule artwork changes that suit you. They can also help with artwork creation and amends, saving you times and money that could be better used on driving your business forwards!

Why not get in touch with us today on 01869 332 150 to see how John Good can help you grow your business - remember ‘Without promotion, something terrible happens … nothing!’ PT Barnum