JG Mailing

As a result of an acquisition, JG Mailing was launched in 2019. Bringing a new sister company in to share the John Good premises has countless benefits, as working in tandem creates seamlessly joined-up results.




Attractive direct mail options to enhance your campaign

Our experienced team is on hand to help with ideas and solutions to help with all your mailing queries, while keeping both affordability and the environment in mind. Bolstered by John Good’s state-of-the art presses, your printing and mailing can become fully integrated.

Our efficient fulfilment and mailing service is made possible thanks to advanced mailing and sorting equipment that is both agile and easily calibrated to suit our customers’ specific needs. For example, envelopes can be personalised or banded, and bar codes can be applied to your promotional material.

We are also at the forefront of environmentally-friendly print. In “naked mailing”, your marketing print is addressed on the cover and not wrapped in any material, resulting in its ‘naked’ state. This sustainable mailing option is more cost-effective than traditional mailing, as there is no outer wrapping or envelope. The absence of envelope also increases the immediate impact and visibility of your message upon arrival. In fact, to improve your environmental credentials, we no longer advise utilising poly-wrap, unless a mailing is of a small quantity - the environment matters too much.

We also offer a compostable potato starch material.

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All under the same roof

We can be a cog in your supply chain and logistics, as our capabilities include warehousing and stock accommodation in conjunction with product-picking and distribution. Storage close to our fulfilment team can help despatch your products at pace.

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