A Resilient and More Nimble John Good - January 2021

The years 2020/21 have been a challenging period for just about all sectors, including Arts and Culture and printing in general. John Good, however, remains committed to our loyal customers and will continue to partner closely in order to provide a service and product that is adaptable to the changeable needs precipitated by a global health crisis. Equally, we’re striving hard to incur growth by expanding our client base, particularly commercial print. We are finding that the arts and trade print can coexist comfortably, and we give both the attention they deserve.

We are not averse to thinking creatively, and are constantly developing new streams that will help our customers: from more tailored theatre programme packages and targeted editorial access to novel hygiene-enhancing products and more sustainable processes and materials.

Covid-19 has been unsettling for businesses and households alike, but we are determined to weather the storm, and hope you will be part of our journey. The responsibility to our history and ethos of providing outstanding service and delivering a quality product remains undiminished.

As the vaccines have been rolled out, the economy opened up, consumer confidence returning and audiences once again applauding live performances, we are determined to play a part in the recovery.

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