Panto Season – January 2024

It’s behind us!

Panto season is the most magical and busy period at John Good.

UK tickets sales across the festive season were healthy, as the theatre tradition remains a fixture in family calendars. Over 60 venues and producers turned to us for their enchanting programmes.

Customers return to us annually not only for the vibrant designs, but also for the engaging content like fun puzzles, quizzes and games. Reading material for curious adults provided by our editorial team will often cover a bit of history relating to the genre - sometimes even evoking welcome nostalgia. Of course, requisite sparkle is needed to dispel baddies, so our teams also source special print finishes like spot varnishes, laminates and glitter!

Panto programmes are particularly special to us as, whether a swashbuckling Peter Pan, romantic Sleeping Beauty or spirited Aladdin, the ebullient shows are often little ones’ introduction to live theatre, and may spark a life-long appreciation for the performing arts.

Unsurprisingly, there’s already a part of us that can’t wait for panto 2024-25, which will undoubtedly be as wand-erful! In the meantime, we look forward to the UK Panto Awards.

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