UK Pantomime Awards – April 2023

As the UK’s leading producer of magical panto programmes, it made sense for us to approach the UK Panto Association with a view to deliver the programmes for the UK Panto Awards. Our initial chat took place last month and it soon became evident to both parties that there was scope for a deeper involvement than “mere” print. A partnership quickly evolved and we soon became an Award sponsor for the evening. The opportunity to remind the panto community of our commitment to their very special craft presented itself as an excellent fit. A choice of awards was available and after some discussion, we opted for sponsorship of the Best Director Award. We also supplied 4-sheet posters, nominee certificates and fun foamex selfie-boards.


As part of a reciprocal agreement, the fabulous programme would include a full-page John Good advert and our logo beamed onto the Trafalgar Theatre stage. Wonderful Christopher Biggins hosted the spectacular star-studded event, celebrating the best of the 2022-23 panto season. Of course we were at the pre- and post-event receptions for some bubbly and in the audience; we laughed out loud throughout the evening and by the end had sore hands from all the applause. It was also terrific to catch up with many friends, customers and colleagues. Congratulations to Director Estelle van Warmelo (Beauty and the Beast, Hereford Courtyard) who garnered the John Good sponsored award!


See the full list of brilliant winners, here.

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