A Day in the Life of Editorial - November 2022

In Editorial, we look after the background articles that appear in your programmes and publications - and even websites. We hold a library of 10,000+ professionally researched and written articles, covering a wide range of subjects, suitable to a variety of demographics. We regularly liaise with producers, publication managers, theatres and creatives to supply high-quality material relevant to the production or particular topic.

For performing arts customers, on any given day we could be speaking with the legendary Dame Vanessa Redgrave, remarkable Lucy Bailey, or any of the wonderful marketing officers at partnered venues.

We have a pool of freelance writers who we can call on to produce articles, or conduct enriching interviews. We are often asked to find experts in a particular field if more in-depth expertise is required: for instance, a journalist and lobby correspondent to write about the legacy of an influential politician or historic figure.

Once the articles are approved, we get the picture research underway by looking for images that will enhance and complement the text. This can take us from a big picture agency to a special collection abroad.

We also offer a detailed proofreading service. As well as checking for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (should that word be ‘premier’ or ‘premiere’?), we ensure the text adheres to your ‘house style’ and that there is consistency and standardisation throughout. It’s the nature of the job to come across the occasional amusing typo, our all-time favourite being, “Ginger Rogers' dress purportedly weighed 25 ponds” - now that’s some water retention!

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